Our company offers services for the supply of electronic modules mounted on your documentation. We will select the suppliers of radio-electronic components, the manufacturer of printed circuit boards, and an assembly site from our partners in Southeast Asia for you.

It is not a secret that all available electronic components are flowing to Asia, as the center of world electronic production. Here they are produced as a rule. Therefore, we have to wait less, and we can buy them cheaper. In order to reduce the cost of your products, our specialists are ready to provide knowledgeable assistance in finding analogues for expensive or difficult-to-obtain components.

We supply electronic modules for almost any application: security systems, telecommunications, medical equipment, cash registers, precision measurement equipment, industrial controllers and consumer electronics, automotive industry, lighting industry, etc.

To obtain a preliminary estimate of the cost of the Electronic Module, you need to provide a list of items with an exact indication of the number of components for each item and their manufacturer, as well as the total area of the printed circuit board specifying the material and the number of layers. To achieve the price you need, it is very desirable to specify the project price for the product.

To finalize the order, you will need an assembly drawing in any format, a PWB topology (in any design system), data on the need to monitor specific parameters and indication of other special requirements.

The assembled products can be supplied to the address indicated by you at your request. With long-term cooperation, depending on the method of supply, terms of payment and the volume of the order, we provide discounts and payment by installments.