by jameschen jameschen

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, they should also be on moldmakers’ wish lists. Polishing stone and diamond compound manufacturer Boride Engineered Abrasives (Traverse City, MI) has announced an expansion of its Mold Makers Diamond line to include water and oil soluble options in medium, heavy, extra heavy and super heavy concentrations for polishing mold cavities.

Mold Makers Diamond is known in the industry for its wide thermal processing range and consistent diamond particle distribution, allowing it to be used under the most demanding conditions as well as for precision finishing on all types of molds and dies.

“Mold Makers Diamond has always been our most popular diamond compound and a favorite among the industry,” said Annette Jarman, Boride Marketing Project Manager. “We’re very excited not only to offer but also manufacture a full line that can provide customers with greater options, versatility, performance, and the quality that they’ve come to expect from Boride.”